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Cooked Meats 

JB01 5* Premium Ham  
JB02 5* Baked Ham  
JB03 5* Baked Ham Sliced  
JB06 Deli Sliced Ham  
JB088 Fresh Chicken Fillets  
JB068 Horeshoe Gammon  
JB09 4* Roast Turkey  
JB11 Stuffed Turkey  
JB21 4* Turkey Sliced  
JB50 Turkey Butterfly  
JB50 Turkey Butterfly Female  
JB40 Cooked Chicken Breast  
JB126 Cajun/Tikka/Lemon Pepper Chicken  
JB43 Roast Chicken Strips  
JB72 Cooked Chicken Skewers  
JB14 Roast Beef Sliced  
JB13 Roast Beef  
JB151 Pulled Pork  
JB48 Corned Beef Sliced  

Frozen Chicken 

JB86 Plain Breaded Fillets 160kg  
JB86 Spicy Chicken Fillets  
JB86 Southern Fried Fillets 160kg  
JB86 Southern Fried/Plain Chicken Goujons  


JB28 Deli Rashers  
JB29 Prime Rashers 2.27kg  
JB30 Prime Rashers Smoked  
JB31 Rashers 400g Pale  
JB32 Rashers 400g Smoked  
JB44 Microwave Rashers 1kg  
JB125 Cooked Streaky Rashers 1kg  
JB125A Rashers Streaky 20x1lb  
JB144 Bacon Collars  


JB23 Cut Sausages 6s  
JB23 Cut Sausages 8s  
JB23Cut Sausages 10s  
JB23 Cut Sausages 12s  
JB23 Cut Sausages 16s  
JB121 Loose Butcher Sausages 5s  
JB121 Loose Butcher Sausages 8s  
JB121 Loose Butcher Sausages 16s  
JB120 Cocktail Sausages 5kg  
JB45 Cooked Sausages 8’s  
JB37 Cut Loose Pudding  
JB38 Chubb Pudding 1Kg  
Loose Butchers Pudding  

Cheese and Dairy Products 

JB15 Block Cheddar  
JB16 Grated Cheddar  
JB17 Grated Cheese  
JB18 Shredded Mozzarella  
JB19 Cheddar Slices  
JBA8 Parmesan Cheese  
JB20 Block Emmental Cheese  
JB77 Sliced Emmental Cheese  
JB134 Burger Cheese Slices  
JB401 Cream Cheese 2kg  
JB240 Pre Packed Sliced Cheese 180g  
JB241 Pre Packed Block Cheese 200g  
JB916 Pre Packed Grated Pouch 180g  
JB608 Goats Cheese  
Brie 1Kg Wheel  
Parmesan 1kg  
Chilli Cheese Slices 1kg  


JB55 Coleslaw  
JB56 Potato Salad POA 
JB71 Egg Mayonnaise POA 
JB81 Real Mayonnaise 10Lt  
JB75 Dairy Spread 2Kg  
JB75 Dairymaid Gold 2kg  
JB85 Mini Butters 6x100  
JB22 Ready Eggs 5kg  

Other Products 

JB78 Stuffing 700g  
JB133 Sundried Tomatoes  
JB911 Spicy Wedges 10 KG POA 
Fish Fingers 120x25g  
JB910 Hash Browns 10 KG  
JB675 Popcorn Chicken POA 
JB601 Broccoli POA 
JB60 Lasagna  
JB59 Quiche (Variety)  
JB70 Soups (Variety) 5Litre  
JB131 Wraps 1x18 25cm  
JB138 Wraps 1x18 30cm  
JB131A Tomato/Wholemeal Wraps 1x18 25cm  

Canned Goods 

JB122 Bachelors Beans 6x2 7kg  
JB109 Jalapenos 3Kg  
JB66 Sweet Corn 12x340g  
JB65 Sweet Corn 3Kg 
JB46 Tuna 1.88kg  
JB129 Olives 2kg 
JB46A Pouch Tuna 1kg  

Sauces & Condiments 

JB117 Garlic Mayo 6x1lt 
BBQ Sauce POA 
Cajun Sauce POA 
Sweet Chilli Sauce POA 
Taco Sauce POA 
Tomatoe Ketchup POA 
Southwest Sauce POA 
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